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Hazelnut Cornet Filled with White Chocolate Mousse, Cara Cara Orange Sorbet, and Grapefruit Caramel

hazelnutcornetwhitechocolatemoussecaracarasorbetCornet, white chocolate mousse, sorbet, grapefruit caramel by Catrine Oscarson  of Mas (farmhouse) in NYC.


1. Preheat oven to 350°F (177°C).

2. Using a 3 ½" (8.75 cm) ring mold and a silicone baking mat, cover inside of ring mold with Isomalt.

3. Sprinkle with hazelnut croquant. Place in oven for 5 minutes or
until Isomalt has completely dissolved.

4. Remove from oven using an offset spatula when slightly cooled. Mold around a #927 piping tip and remove before completely cooled.

White chocolate mousse:

4 oz/113 g heavy cream

2 oz/57 g granulated sugar

2 egg yolks

7 oz /199 g white chocolate

1 sheet gelatin

4 oz/113 g whipped cream

1. In a pot, heat cream, sugar and yolks over medium low heat,
stirring constantly until mixture reaches 190ºF (88ºC).

2. Pour over chocolate, then add gelatin.

3. Pass through a fine sieve and fold in whipped cream. Chill until set.


5 oz/141 g water

5 oz/141 g granulated sugar

4 oz/113 g glucose syrup

8 oz/226 g cara cara orange juice

1. In a pot, bring water, sugar, and glucose up to 190°F (88°C).

2. Cool and add juice.

3. Churn in an ice cream machine.

Grapefruit caramel:

2 oz/57 g granulated sugar

1 tsp/5 g glucose

2 Tbs/60 g water

½ vanilla bean

4 oz/113 g grapefruit juice

1. Caramelize sugar, glucose, and water with the vanilla bean.

2. Deglaze with juice and reduce.

3. Pass through a fine sieve.


1. Pour caramel into a squeeze bottle and drizzle onto plate.

2. Place mousse in a piping bag with a large star tip. Pipe mousse into cornet.

3. Place cornet at 5 o’clock.

4. Use 2 orange segments and place next to cornet.

5. Either quenelle or scoop sorbet onto segments.

6. Drizzle a little more caramel onto plate.