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Damion Allsop’s Cremosa

Category: Chocolate Recipes
Damion Allsop’s CremosaDamion Allsop’s Cremosa.

A creamless ganache by Damion Allsop of Damion Allsop Chocolates based in Catalunya, Spain.

Yield: 1.5 kg

Fluid gel:

34 liq oz/1 lt water
0.33 oz/10 g agar agar

Boil together the water and the agar agar. Let cool, then blend to a fluid gel.

Cremosa filling:

15.5 oz/440 g 70% extremely high quality chocolate, such as Pacari or Amano
34 liq oz/1 lt Fluid Gel

Melt the chocolate. Warm the fluid gel to 104ºF/40°C. Emulsify with the melted chocolate at 113º F/45º C. Pour into containers or cups and chill for 4 hours.

Read more about this and related recipes in our article "The Case for Creamless Ganache".

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