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Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Cake

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An ice cream cake recipe sure to please chocolate lovers with chocolate brownies, chocolate-covered pecans, chocolate ganache icing, & chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Covered Pecans

Chocolate Ganache Icing

Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate brownie:

Yield: one half-sheetpan

4.41 oz/125 g soft butter

3.5 oz/100 g 70% chocolate, melted

3.5 oz/100 g whole eggs

5.29 oz/150 g sugar

2.12 oz/60 g cake fl our

3.5 oz/100 g walnuts


1. Cream butter and sugar.

2. Add eggs.

3. Add melted chocolate.

4. Add fl our and walnuts.

5. Bake at 350°F for 10 minutes.


Chocolate ganache icing:

1 lb, 3.27 oz/1000 g heavy cream

1 lb, 15.75 oz/900 g 66% chocolate

3.5 oz/100 g numoline

1. Bring heavy cream to a scald.

Take off heat. 2. Add numoline to cream.

3. Pour over chocolate and make an emulsion.

4. Cover with plastic wrap and leave at room temperature.



1. Place a layer of baked brownie on the bottom of a 3" x 2" inch pastry ring. Pour a thin layer of ganache on top of the brownie. Put some chocolate pecans on top of the still soft ganache.

2. Fill the remainder of the pastry ring with chocolate ice cream. Place in freezer until frozen.

3. Top dessert with cubed brownies mixed with chocolate covered pecans.

4. Unmold dessert the same way as the Strawberry Mint Shortcake.

5. Place in frozen display for sale.

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