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Dipped White Chocolate Gelato

Dipped White Chocolate GelatoA creative idea for serving gelato by JMPurePastry involves white chocolate and elegant plating.

Read more about this and related recipes in Material Handling: Creative Ideas for Summer Gelato by JMPurePastry.


Yield: 96 2” flat dome molds


White Chocolate Gelato:

49.38 oz/1400 g whole milk

0.88 oz/25 g granulated sugar

4.4 oz/125 g fondant

4.4 oz/126 g glucose

0.7 oz/20 g dextrose

0.88 oz/25 g invert sugar

7 oz/200 g white chocolate, chopped


1. In large saucepan warm milk; dissolve sugar, fondant, glucose, dextrose and invert sugar in milk.

2. Pour over white chocolate and whisk until smooth.

3. Chill with ice wand. Process in batch freezer.

4. Fill into plastic piping bag. Pipe into 2” flat dome molds. Freeze hard.



7 oz/200 g cocoa butter

7 oz/200 g white chocolate


1. Melt cocoa butter and white chocolate to 35°C.

2. Using a needle, dip each molded gelato and reserve on acetate. Freeze immediately until service.

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