Pastel de Helado

Category: Frozen Recipes
Pastel de Helado by Rabii Saber.

Basil meringue dome, lemon basil sorbet, lemon curd, raspberry gelee, oat almond crunch, vanilla ice cream and aged Jerez vinegar reduction by Rabii Saber, Executive Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Resort Orlando in Golden Oak, FL.


Yield: 14 servings

Rabii Saber, Executive Pastry Chef, Four Seasons Resort Orlando, Golden Oak, FL.

Basil Meringue Dome:

1. Make a common meringue with the whites and sugar.

2. Fold in the confectioners’ sugar and starch.

3. Using a #807 plain tip, pipe meringue over small dome Fleximolds. Sprinkle with the basil crystals. Place fleximold onto a glazing rack and place onto a sheet tray. Bake at 165˚F in rotating rack oven for 60 minutes. Gently flip over the slightly dried meringue domes and bake for another 45 minutes.

Lemon Basil Sorbet:

1. Mix together the dry ingredients and combine with the water. Heat to dissolve sugar and making a syrup. Cool mixture and add the puree and basil.

2. Vitamix mixture, strain out the basil leaves, and process in ice cream machine. 

3. Pipe into small dome Fleximold and freeze.

4. Unmold and place 2 halves together to form a sphere.

Lemon Curd:

1. Place the gelatin in the cold water and allow to bloom. 

2. Mix together the eggs and yolks with half of the sugar.

3. Bring the lemon juice and remaining sugar to a boil. Temper into egg mixture and continue to cook until thick. Remove from heat and add the bloomed gelatin and then the butter. Mix with an immersion blender until smooth, strain and cool.

Raspberry Gelee:

1. Mix together half of the sugar and agar agar. 

2. Bring the raspberry puree and remaining sugar to a boil. Add the agar agar mixture and cook until thick. Pour into small savarin Fleximold. Allow gelee to set in refrigerator and unmold and store for later use.

Oat Almond Crunch:

Place all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. With a paddle mix in cubed butter, until mix combines together.

Vanilla Ice Cream:

1. Mix together the milk, heavy cream, inverted sugar and scraped vanilla beans in a heavy bottom saucepot. 

2. Mix together the sugar, milk powder and stabilizer. Add the egg yolks and mix well.

3. Bring the milk mixture to a boil and then slowly pour onto yolks, stirring constantly. Place mixture back on the stove and slowly cook until slightly thickened. Strain mixture and cool over an ice bath. Allow to mix to sit overnight in refrigerator and then spin in an ice cream machine.

4. Pipe into medium-size dome Fleximolds and fill with frozen Lemon Basil Sorbet spheres until the vanilla ice cream is half way up the sphere.

Aged Jerez Vinegar Reduction:

Reduce the vinegar and glucose syrup until it is thick.


Unmold Raspberry Gelee from mold and place one onto plate. Unmold the Vanilla Ice Cream with the Lemon Basil center and place on top of the Raspberry Gelee. Place the Basil Meringue Dome on top of the Vanilla Ice Cream. Garnish with the Lemon Curd, Jerez Reduction and the Almond Oat Streusel.