May 29, 2017 Last Updated 12:22 AM, Apr 14, 2017

Tofu Doughnuts

Tofu Doughnuts

Delightful tofu doughnuts by Matthias Merges of Yusho, Chicago, featured in our article "Looking East for Inspiration."



Yield: 60 servings

6 small boxes silken tofu

11.3 oz/320 g mochiko (sweet rice flour)

4 Tbs vanilla bean paste

4 Tbs salt

6.4 oz/181 g soy milk

4 Tbs baking powder

6 eggs

10.5 oz/300 g granulated sugar

36 oz/1.022 kg cake flour

1. Mix tofu, mochiko, vanilla, salt, soy milk and baking powder. Mix gently allowing the mixture to remain chunky.In an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, beat sugar and eggs to ribbon stage. Fold this into tofu mixture. Sift flour and mix until just combined.

2. Fry for 5 minutes in a 375°F fryer. Drain and serve.

Note: This batter lasts for three days.

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