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Chocolate Pistachio Custard

Chocolate Pistachio Custard
Caroline Sherman's 'Chocolate Pistachio Custard'

Caroline Sherman, Pastry Chef at Wild Olive Cucina Italiana in John’s Island, SC brings us her signature recipe.

Yield: 20 servings

Crème Anglaise:

45 oz/1.276 kg heavy cream
34.14 oz/968 g half-and-half
14 oz/397 g granulated sugar
2 vanilla beans, split
15.87 oz/450 g pasteurized egg yolks

Pistachio Custard:

28.2 oz/800 g Crème Anglaise
8.4 oz/240 g pistachio paste
10.5 oz/300 g white chocolate, finely chopped
8 oz/227 g unsalted butter, softened

Caroline Sherman
Caroline Sherman, Pastry Chef.

Chocolate Custard:

77.6 oz/2200 g Crème Anglaise
2.2 lb/1 kg dark chocolate, finely chopped

1. Portion out ingredients for both custards. Make the Crème Anglaise by heating the heavy cream, half-and-half, sugar and vanilla beans until simmering in a medium sized pot. Once heated, temper the pasteurized egg yolks into the cream and bring the mixture up to 84°C. Strain the mixture through a chinois.

2. Measure amount of anglaise for each custard and combine ingrients. Pour the pistachio custard first into a brulee dish and after letting that chill and set (for about 1 hour), top wit the dark chocolate custard. Allow to set for at least four hours before serving.

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