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Chocolate Tart by Brian

Brian Mercury's Chocolate Tart.

Taza thimble cake, rye short dough, malt meringue, fresh cream mousse, coffee chocolate sauce, chestnut puree and chestnut mousse by Brian Mercury, Executive Pastry Chef of Oak + Rowan in Boston, MA.

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Pear’adise and Roasted Pear Tea-Ramisu

Chris Cwierz's Pear’adise and Roasted Pear Tea-Ramisu.

Blown sugar pear, roasted pears, “pear” misu mousse, microwave pistachio sponge cake, chocolate soil, cranberry rocks and chocolate twigs by Chris Cwierz, Lead Pastry Chef of Sheraton Grand Phoenix in Arizona and Chef Ambassador of Albert Uster Imports in Gaithersburg, MD.

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Cage Cake

Garry Larduinat's Cage Cake.

Dacquoise coconut, raspberry filling, italian meringue, mango mousse, passion fruit mousse, glaze and chocolate cage by Garry Larduinat, Executive Pastry Chef of Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles, CA.

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Soft Caramel

Soft Caramel by Michael Laiskonis.

"Michael Laiskonis, Creative Director, Institute of Culinary Education in New York, NY, shares his Soft Caramel recipe in the DessertProfessional.com Dessert Trio column."

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