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Shop Talk: Chocolatier Blue

Category: Chocolate

Chocolatier Blue
Owners: Chris Blue and Jessica Steve
In business since: 2007
40 W. Main Street CT #175, Alpine, UT

Chocolate philosophy: I [Chris] believe that chocolate should be made fresh and from organic farm-fresh ingredients. We operate under the same philosophy as the greatest chefs in the world, including Charlie Trotter, Thomas Keller, and Alice Waters.

Inspiration: My mother’s advice: “Do what you enjoy eating the most.”

Training: The French Pastry School.

Description of business: Our shop is entirely eco-friendly using packaging made from recycled materials that are all biodegradable. We use wind power, recycle, and eliminate waste. The shop is very elegant and modern, featuring Italian marble floors and chandeliers. The chocolates are displayed in crystal domes on custommade birch countertops, a lead up to high-expectations of the chocolate.

How do you sell your chocolates? They are $2 a piece, and there are a variety of box sizes.

How many varieties of chocolates do you have? We have around 25 flavors made according to the time of the year, using only seasonal ingredients.

What brand(s) of chocolate do you use? El-Rey.

What is your signature flavor? The Seasonals.

Most unique piece? All our chocolates are unique because they are completely balanced for the palate…The macadamias are completely burned when roasted and we use fleur de sel to complete it. The delicate flavored fruits like mango, peach and Montgomery cherry are prepared sous vide–a slow cooking process found in many of the most discerning kitchens of the world.

How do you ship your chocolates? We ship overnight, second day, and three day. We use state-ofthe- art shipping techniques to guarantee a safe, timely arrival, and use eco-friendly packaging.

How does your shop differ from others? We are eco-friendly and use farm-fresh ingredients: our cream comes from a farm in Nebraska, where the cows are grass-fed and free grazing (www.clovercove.com). And we get our butter from a five-star butter company; this is the best butter on earth and exceeds even Plugra in butterfat content. All our ingredients have similar stories.

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