Shop Talk: Chocolatines by Sweet Endeavours

Category: Chocolate

Owner: Rieko Wada
1101 Tower Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173
In business since: 2005

Chocolate philosophy: Chocolate is an amazing ingredient that brings happiness to so many people. I understand the history of chocolate, dating back to the 1500’s when Cortez brought it from Mexico to Spain. It can be molded and crafted into so many unique pieces of artwork.

Inspiration: I like the fluidity, viscosity and the appearance of the chocolate from start to finish. My challenge is always to make the chocolate as amazing as it tastes.

Training: I trained at the French Pastry School in Chicago.

Business profile: Our chocolate boutique is located in close proximity to Woodfield Mall, one of the largest malls in the world in Schaumburg, IL. When you enter the showroom, you are welcomed by the aroma of fresh chocolate and a vision of chocolate artwork. I am told by many that it is “sensory overload” when entering the showroom! The décor is very warm and inviting, with our various chocolate selections displayed on pedestals and enclosed in display cases. We also proudly display our awards, ribbons, plaques and recognition received from years of dedication to providing quality products and supporting our local community. Our clients range from hotels, airlines, caterers, magazine editors, wine bars and even government officials!

Pricing: All items are sold as individual boxes, single-serve packages or single items. Packaged items are priced anywhere between $3 to $120.

Chocolate varieties: There are over 50 varieties of chocolate truffles and about 20 varieties of the Little Luxuries, which are our single-serve decadent treats for someone who wants just a little taste of something sweet. Some of our Little Luxuries items include Matcha Sesame Back, Chocolate-Covered Orange Sticks, Almond Toffee and Mini Lux Turtles. We do have a seasonal selection, and we are very excited to introduce Hot Chocolate Swirl and our Brandied Cherries for Holiday 2010!

Chocolate brands: We use Cacao Barry, Callebaut, Guittard and Valrhona chocolate.

Most unique piece: I would say our Curry-Kieffer truffle. Once you taste it, you will understand!

Personal favorite: I love the Dark Chocolate Raspberry truffles. It’s like eating a real piece of fruit covered in decadent, dark chocolate.

Shipping: All of our chocolate is shipped via FedEx. We carefully pack everything to ensure that you will receive it in the same form as it leaves our boutique.

How does your shop differ from others? We allow our clients to customize their Chocolatines experience. If someone wants us to create a shoe or a handbag exactly, we can do that. If a company wants their logo etched or embossed on a specific type of truffle, we can do that. We also have beautiful gift baskets that are sure to leave the recipient in awe.

Motto: Wake up every morning with a purpose and strive to do one thing better than anyone else in the world. This will make you a success!