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Shop Talk: Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Category: Chocolate

Owners: Ginger Elizabeth Hahn and Thomas Hahn
1801 L Street, Suite 60, Sacramento, CA 95811
In business since: 2008

Chocolate philosophy: Chocolate is a very delicious food, but it is also very complex; when making a flavored bonbon, it is important to add ingredients with the intension to bring out the beautiful flavors and characteristics of the couverture without overpowering the delicate nature of the chocolate. I feel that working with chocolate is a venerable craft. I am honored to be part of this tradition and proud to be practicing classical techniques which have been employed by many great chocolatiers before me.

Inspiration: I feel that I can learn something new about chocolate every day until I’m 80 and still not know everything about chocolate. As an ingredient it has such a range of applications in pastry and bonbons, that it truly encourages creativity. And then there’s the processing and agricultural aspects involved in transforming the bean into great couverture. Not to mention chocolate is one of the most scientifically complex and mysterious foods we eat. I’m fascinated by chocolate and I feel fortunate that I am able to work with it every day.

Training: My formal training includes the following: Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park - Pastry Arts AOS; and Santa Barbara City College - Hotel, Restaurant & Culinary AOS. I have also taken professional level courses at Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, The French Pastry School in Chicago and the University of California Davis.

Business profile: Our products include bonbons, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, chocolate pastries, a variety of chocolate confections (some seasonal), and macarons. For certain holidays we offer entremet cakes, and during the summer we have an ice cream menu. Both our packaging and the interior of our boutique are influenced by modern design with antique references, providing a contemporary and comfortable feel. The boutique is located in Sacramento’s popular Midtown neighborhood.

Pricing: We sell by the piece. Our box sizes and prices are as follows:2-pc box $6; 6-pc box $12; 12-pc box $22; 24-pc box $42; 48-pc box $75.

Varieties of chocolate: We offer 20 different types of chocolates, with and additional 2-5 seasonal chocolates.

What brands of chocolate do you use? Valrhona, Felchlin, and Ettiene Guittard.

Signature chocolate: Our Palet D’Or, 65% Venezuelan chocolate enrobed in bittersweet chocolate with a touch of gold leaf on top.

Most unique piece: The Grapefruit Fennel Pollen Caramel. It is a two layer bonbon: chewy caramel with a touch of fennel pollen on the bottom and grapefruit ganache on top. It’s enrobed in bittersweet chocolate.

Personal favorite: The Meyer Lemon is my favorite. In Sacramento we are fortunate to have Meyer lemons dripping off the trees; it is fun to go into your backyard and pick your ingredients. I love lemon and bittersweet chocolate and I think the Meyer lemons give this chocolate a great local touch.

Shipping: During the summer they’re shipped Next Day Air in an insulated bag with gel packs. We can get away with 2nd Day Air, and even ground shipping to some locations, during the cooler months. In any case they never spend more than two days in transit.

How does your shop differ from others? We try to differentiate ourselves by showcasing a level of skill and passion. Our product line communicates both of these values to our customers. It’s a constant exercise in refinement, and this is what stands out about the shop.

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