Passion Comes to Park Avenue

Category: Chocolate

2beans Team

Fueled by passion, 2beans launches coffee and chocolate retail location in Park Avenue, NYC.

Hans Heer, former General Manager of The Food Emporium supermarket chain and a driving force behind A&P’s gourmet business, is serious about chocolate. He and his team recently launched the first 2beans: Coffee and Chocolate Passion retail location on Park Avenue in New York City. 2beans purveys more than 50 brands of chocolate and over 500 bars, bonbons, gift items, and novelties within a European-style coffee bar. “We knew there was a niche missing in New York City,” said Hans Heer, 2beans CEO. “It was the perfect combination of what many enjoy the most – coffee and chocolate.”

With this in mind, Hans Heer and his team set out to develop a shop that combined these two passions. If one enters on the left, she or he will immediately experience an international wall of chocolate featuring bars from countries including Switzerland, Italy, Madagascar, France, Belgium, and the United States. “We carefully hand selected chocolates from countries all over the world and are still discovering new brands,” said Steve Kravets, Director of Procurement. “We encourage our guests to try a new bar from a new country every time they visit us they can also search for the premier chocolates we sell on our unique website by country, brand, type, or price. They’ll be amazed at how many different bars there are to choose from.” If one enters on the right, the patron will be invited to sit at the sleek espresso bar or they can order a coffee drink to go. 2beans serves Illy coffee, and one of the most popular drinks is their Viennese Coffeehouse Espresso (espresso with melted dark chocolate and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder). In addition to coffee and chocolate, 2beans offers a variety of pastries, snacks and lunch items.

Guests can also relax in the upstairs loft area next to a cozy fireplace and utilize free wifi service. “It was our goal to create an upscale, beautiful location that was comfortable for our guests while also utilizing green materials,” said Heer. “We carefully chose warm woods, stone, glass and steel, rather than plastics. We also installed LED lights and used sustainable items for to-go service.” All 2beans to-go drinks are served in Biodegradable Products Institute certified compostable cups made from NatureWorks Ingeo biopolymer all-natural plant sugars. These hot cups are so durable that they do not require an additional sleeve, helping to reduce waste. In addition, all of the to-go bags are 100% recycled material. These special efforts have not gone unnoticed, according to Operating Director Neville Reid. He said the store has enjoyed positive responses since opening in late November. “With our 2beans Rewards program, guests receive perks for joining us for their morning or afternoon coffee. Participants can earn cash back toward their next coffee, beverage, bakery/pastry, or lunch/snack purchase. Additionally customers can qualify for our Chocolate VIP Card which will give them access to VIP events, gifts, and special offerings. We’re looking forward to further introducing ourselves to our surrounding neighbors,” said Reid. “We’d like to invite everyone to join us for their morning cup of coffee or their afternoon snack.”

Pictured Above - The 2beans team: Hans Heer, Neville Reid and Steve Kravets.