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Magnum pop-up. Q&A with Erin Strepy.


Unilever-brand Magnum ice cream was developed in Belgium in cooperation with the Belgian chocolate maker Barry Callebaut, and launched in Germany in January 1989 as an upmarket ice cream for their existing Nogger brand. Now Magnum novelty items are available worldwide in dozens of different forms and flavors. Magnum does not operate their own retail stores, but does occasionally market their brand via high-profile pop-up stores in major metropolitan areas like Paris and New York City. Thanks to Magnum Associate Brand Building Manager Erin Strepy for her insights into the opening of the summer 2016 Magnum pop-up store in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. For more information, visit


Dessert Professional: Where was the first MAGNUM Ice Cream Bar Pop-up store? How many have you launched to date?

Erin Strepy: MAGNUM launched its first store in 2012 in Paris and has opened more than 30 stores in 22 countries.

DP: What are your goals in opening the stores?

ES: The ‘ultimate’ and most premium experience of MAGNUM is brought to life in our storefronts  – in iconic cities, in stylish and aspirational locations. The dipping bar was developed and designed to showcase the high-quality ingredients that MAGNUM uses through hand-selected, premium toppings including rose petals, Himalayan sea salt, Urfa Biber Chile flakes and goji berries.

DP: Why did you choose New York City for the first North American store?

ES: New York City has a magnetic energy and is synonymous with food, fashion, and indulgence, so it is the perfect location to launch the first U.S. store for MAGNUM Ice Cream. SoHo offers the ideal location in one of the city’s most stylish neighborhoods with prime shopping and hotspot restaurants.

DP: What have you learned about your customers from their in-store experience?

ES: When consumers visit MAGNUM Ice Cream Stores, they fall in love with the concept, brand and overall experience. They also love to share their personalized MAGNUM bars on social media – not only are the bars beautiful, but consumers love to show off how their creations reflect their preferences and personalities.

DP: Do the pop-up stores increase MAGNUM product sales locally in the respective markets?

ES: Summer is always a very popular time to eat MAGNUM bars and the pop-up stores keep MAGNUM top-of-mind during the peak season when customers are purchasing their favorite ice cream treat. The stores also help introduce the brand to new consumers who have not yet tried Magnum.

DP: Do you offer the same products and toppings in all the pop-ups?

ES: Each MAGNUM dipping bar features a selection of toppings specific to the store’s location.  For instance, we offer seaweed flakes in Shanghai, macarons in Paris, mastika in Athens and red chili balls in São Paulo. Given New York’s rich culinary scene, we fused culinary-forward ingredients with flavors New Yorkers would love, like espresso sugar and black & white cookie. MAGNUM New York will have a rotating menu of toppings throughout the summer.

DP: What are the favorite bar and topping combos?

ES: The milk chocolate is the most popular chocolate for dipping the ice cream bars – popular toppings include rose petals, gold flakes, and hazelnut croquant.

DP: Do you plan to open permanent MAGNUM stores?

ES: As of right now, MAGNUM plans to continue the pop-up store model as it builds excitement and anticipation of its next location. MAGNUM continually evaluates its locations of MAGNUM stores and every year has new announcements of store location openings. This year 26 pop-up stores will be opening worldwide including stores in Paris, Lisbon, Shanghai, Istanbul and Jakarta.

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