Case Study: Yogurtland

Category: Frozen

Owner:  Phillip Chang, franchise creator

15320-5 Valley View Avenue

La Mirada, CA 90638

(562) 802-7603

Description of business:

Yogurtland is the nation’s top self-serve frozen yogurt establishment.

What inspired you to enter the frozen desserts market?

We looked into the frozen yogurt market and wanted to revive the Fro-Yo craze from 20 years ago. Additionally, people are very health conscious and care about what they eat and the health benefits food provides them. We wanted to provide consumers with a healthy dessert alternative.

What are you trying to do differently?

Our unique create-your-own approach, wide variety of flavors and toppings, and low prices separate us from our competitors.

Number of flavors:

We offer 16 rotating flavors including classic, tart and no added- sugar flavors. Also, we maximize the “kid in the candy shop” experience with 32 kinds of fresh fruit and toppings.

Most popular flavors:

Plain Tart, New York Cheesecake, Blueberry Tart, Vanilla

Favorite ingredients/toppings:

Mochi balls, fresh strawberries, mangoes and kiwis

Cost for a scoop:

Yogurtland customers ultimately determine what they pay. All dispense-your-own goods are 30-39 cents per ounce.

How often do you change flavors?

We change the flavors occasionally, depending on the season and the location of the store. We have approximately 30 flavors that are rotated throughout the stores.

Do you use flavor bases?


Signature products:

Our Plain Tart, Double Cookies and Cream, Pineapple Tart and New York Cheesecake flavors. Most importantly, everything is self-serve so everyone can come up with their own personalized concoction.

Type of machinery:

Yogurt machines

Type of display case:

Topping bar

How do you market product off-season?

We are a healthy snack and dessert alternative that can be enjoyed by consumers year-round.

Number of staff:


Average number of customers per week:


What’s next?

We are continuing to expand across the US. We currently have locations throughout California, New York, Texas, Nevada and Hawaii. We will continue to open additional stores in these states and in other major markets across the country.

One thing you wish you’d known before getting into the business:

We have done everything the way that we wanted and would not want to change anything. We are pioneering the self-serve concept and have created a lot of excitement and fun for our customers.

Best parts of the business:

Our self-serve mantra, low labor needs/costs and our high customer satisfaction.

Advice to frozen dessert retailers:

As consumers become more and more health conscious, current frozen dessert retailers need to find innovative ways to create healthier products.