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Case Study: Bassetts Ice Cream

Category: Frozen

Owner: Michael Strange

Reading Terminal Market,

12th & Arch Streets

Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 925-4315

Description of business:

Retail ice cream counter

What inspired you to enter the frozen desserts market?

This is the fifth generation of our family business.

What are you trying to do differently?

Offer the best ice cream in the world at an historic venue.

Number of flavors:

About forty

Most popular flavors:

Vanilla and Gadzooks! (Bassetts’ decadent chocolate ice cream with pieces of Brownie Points peanut butter brownies, chocolate chunks and a rich caramel swirl)

Favorite ingredients:

Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean, butterscotch sauce

Cost for a scoop:

$2.50 single scoop, $3.25 small (one and a half scoops)

How often do you change flavors?

We make two or three new flavors per year.

Do you use flavor bases?

For some flavors, yes.

Signature products:

Vanilla, butterscotch vanilla, raspberry truffle, Gadzooks!

Type of machinery:

Continuous freezer, off-premises.

Type of display case:

Two Kelvinator 14HDs (chest style).

Favorite tool:

Hamilton Beach Commercial Ice Cream Disher #24

How do you market product off-season?

Promote hand-packed pints and quarts to go.

Number of staff:

Three to seven, depending on the season.

Average number of customers per day:

300 to 1,200 per day, depending on the season.

What’s next?

Experiment with gourmet toppings/sauces, specialty ice cream drinks.

One thing you wish you’d known before getting into the business:

It gets really cold here in January.

Best part of the business:

Everybody loves ice cream.

Advice to frozen dessert retailers:

Offer the best product possible, and charge enough to make a profit.

Special features:

We’re the oldest ice cream shop in America, established in 1861. Our ice cream has 16.5% butterfat

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