May 29, 2017 Last Updated 12:22 AM, Apr 14, 2017

Case Study: Homer’s Ice Cream

Category: Frozen

Owner: A. Dean Poulos
1237 Green Bay Road, Wilmette, IL 60091

Business profile: Ice cream manufacturer, retail ice cream parlour/restaurant, foodservice and internet sales and catering.

Inspiration: The desire to continue a family tradition and to make a product that makes people happy.

What are you trying to do differently? We are different by being traditional. While others use gimmicks, we stay true to old-time quality.

Most popular flavors: Vanilla and chocolate chocolate chip.

Cost for a scoop: $2.85

Signature products: Fresh Georgia Peach, Prairie Berry, Spumoni, Cappucino Chip, Apple-Cinnamon, Coco-Pineapple and Mocha Crunch.

Display case: Kelvinator

Off-season marketing: Direct mail, industry magazine ads.

Number of staff: 28

Average number of customers per week: 5,000

Best part of the business: Seeing children with my ice cream on their faces.

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