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Ellen Mirsky, Executive Pastry Chef

Category: Pastry & Baking

Ellen Mirsky, Executive Pastry Chef, PUBLIC Restaurant, New York, NY

Formerly of: Olives, New York, NY; Aureole, New York, NY

Training: Institute of Culinary Education, New York, NY

Inspiration: “The changing of seasons.”


Favorite dessert of your own creation: Hazelnut Meringue and Chocolate Ganache Stack with Tangerine Ice Cream, Tangerine Sauce and Citrus Dust

Least-appreciated dessert: “Strawberry and tomato gazpacho with summer berries and blueberry basil sorbet—not really sure why, it’s just an updated fruit salad!”

If you weren’t a pastry chef, what would you be? “A jewelry designer.”

Favorite tool: “Paco Jet—it’s so versatile and makes great ice creams and sorbets.”

The one thing you wish you knew before you got into this business? “The amount of hours I’d be standing on my feet.”

PUBLIC Restaurant, 210 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY; 212-343-7011

Description of business: An upscale eclectic restaurant with private dining facilities. The Monday Room is an upscale wine bar.

Number of seats/average number of covers: PUBLIC-120/200; The Monday Room-30/45

Number of pastry staff: 2 Number of dessert menu items: PUBLIC-11; The Monday Room-3

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