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Pastry Tips

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Eddie Wing Cheung, Executive Pastry Chef, Grand Hyatt New York, New York, NY

  •  When making pound cake, instead of sifting the dry ingredients together, put them in the bowl of an electric mixer and blend with the paddle attachment. This aerates and sifts the mixture, making your prep time shorter while still producing a superior product.

Jimmy MacMillan, Executive Pastry Chef, The Peninsula Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • Always source out high quality teas to cook with. It’s expensive, but you will only use a small amount. It will make the difference between an earthy green tea and a clean, crisp green tea that will combine well with the chocolate and other sweet ingredients.
  • When sugaring fruit for wedding cakes, use a good pan spray instead of egg whites. It coats more evenly, doesn’t need extended drying time, and will not fall off in clumps!

Kenneth Larson, Pastry Chef, Brasserie, New York, NY

  • When I use rhubarb, I like to slice a beet into the compote or sauce to give it a deeper red color.

Loic Laffargue, Executive Pastry Chef, Barona Casino, Lakeside, CA

  • When making an Italian meringue, cook your sugar to 249°F/121°C versus 245°F/118°C. Your meringue will hold for up to a week in the freezer without having the egg whites separate from the sugar.
  • When making a ganache using butter, cut your butter into small cubes and place it in a bowl with the chocolate couverture pastilles, then pour boiling cream on top and whisk until emulsifi ed. The ganache will be shinier as a result.
  • When making macaroons, reserve 10 g of egg whites and fold them into the mixture at the end. This will make a beautiful, shiny macaroon.

Meg Galus, Pastry Chef, Tru, Chicago, IL

  • When making ice creams, rest the base overnight in the cooler, then Burr-mix before churning or freezing for the best texture and taste.
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