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Payard Desserts

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Payard Desserts. Photography by Rogério Voltan

An excerpt from Payard Desserts, a collection of almost 100 plated dessert recipes from world-renowned pastry icon François Payard

Legendary pastry chef Francois Payard earned a reputation for excellence creating beautiful plated desserts in some of the world’s best restaurants. With great passion, immense talent, and a simple core philosophy that “to capture great flavor, you must use ingredients as they come into season,” Payard has worked his way from young pastry chef in France to top positions in great restaurants in Paris and New York to culinary icon and entrepreneur with acclaimed patisseries in New York, Las Vegas, Japan, and Korea. His latest book (written with Dessert Professional editor Tish Boyle), Payard Desserts (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013; $40), is a look at the evolution of Chef Francois Payard’s craft, developed over 20 years and featuring nearly 100 of his most inspiring creations. Here Payard reveals his secrets for creating a truly great dessert—the interplay of taste, texture and temperature—focusing on the highest quality ingredients. Readers will learn the thought process behind Payard’s remarkable pairing of flavors—balancing sweet and rich with musky, tart or acidic and combining herbal and floral notes for unexpected twists on classic combinations. Geared to the professional, yet accessible for the dedicated home baker who likes a challenge, this book offers detailed instructions for the multi-component desserts that made Payard famous. Chapters include: Frozen Desserts; Fruit Desserts; Pastries, Meringues, & Other Baked Desserts; Custards, Mousses, & Other Creamy Desserts; Tarts; Cold Dessert Soups, Crêpes, Souffles, & Other Desserts; and a special chapter on savory desserts called The Cheese Course. Each dessert has been photographed beautifully by Rogério Voltan, and recommendations for wine and drink pairings for each dessert are offered by Olivier Flosse, wine director of A Voce restaurants in New York. Payard Desserts is a complete guide for a memorable and unique culinary experience, and a must-have for every working pastry chef as well as aspiring ones.

Excerpted from Payard Desserts © 2013 by François Payard with Tish Boyle. Reproduced by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Photo credit: © Rogério Voltan


Payard Desserts © 2013
Payard Desserts © 2013 by François Payard with Tish Boyle. Reproduced by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Photo credit: © Rogério Voltan

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