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I, Biagio

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Life and recipes of Pastry Chef and Master Baker Biagio Settepani.


Despite the fact that Italian food is America’s favorite restaurant cuisine, stateside Italian dessert offerings have traditionally been basic, limited and uninspired. Pastry Chef and Master Baker Biagio Settepani has spent his entire career on a mission to create and promote fine Italian desserts in America. Biagio’s expertise ranges from hand-made gelato to bread, cookies, and cakes. His panettone and made-to-order cannolis are legendary (he won the Food Network Cannoli Throwdown against superchef Bobby Flay). Biagio is also a business owner, mentor and seasoned dessert competition participant and judge. But most importantly, Biagio is a dedicated son, brother, husband, and father. He built his businesses with his wife Pina, and his sons Salvatore and Joseph are very talented pastry chefs who have joined the family business. His daughter Fina Maria works with her mom in the front of the house and on business marketing. I, Biagio Settepani: My Life & Recipes is a touching and inspiring journey through Biagio’s life so far. The book is a personal timeline expressed through anecdotes and photographs of family and career, as well as dozens of Biagio’s customer-pleasing recipes. To know Biagio is to love him, and the book is a tasty reflection of that emotion. www.pasticceriabruno.com

Biago Settepani


Chocolate Orange Cake
Biagio Settepani's Chocolate Orange Cake. Click image above or link below for recipe.
Mascarpone Tart
Biagio Settepani's Mascarpone Tart. Click image above or link below for recipe.
Torta Mimosa
Biagio Settepani's Torta Mimosa. Click image above or link below for recipe.


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