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The North American Selection

The selection for C3: Chocolate Chef Competition.


Congratulations to the six talented pastry chefs who competed at the North American selection for the Chocolate Chef Competition (aka C3) at the 2015 Starchefs International Chefs Congress (ICC). Chef Nicolas Blouin (Rosewood Mansion in Dallas, TX) was victorious and will represent our continent at this year’s C3 World Finals at the 2016 ICC (October 23-25 in Brooklyn, NY). Chef Steven Tran (Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts) placed second, and Erin Kanagy-Loux (Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, NY) won the Press Prize. The C3 is presented by Valrhona. To learn more about the C3 competition, visit www.valrhonaprofessionals.com. For information about attending the 2016 C3, go to www.starchefs.com.


Chocolate Chef Competition 2015



Nicolas Blouin, Winner

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Chef Nicolas Blouin.

Nicolas Blouin's winning pieces.

Plated Dessert: Brownie, Raspberry Compote, Illanka Cream, Jasmine Raspberry Sorbet and Jasmine Illanka Foam.
Chocolate Bonbon: Mandarin Jelly, Black Tea Ganache and Sesame Tuile.



Steven Tran, 2nd

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Chef Steven Tran.

Steven Tran's winning pieces.

Plated Dessert: Pecan Praliné, Yuzu Jam, Grapefruit, Illanka Ganache/Crémeux, Earl Grey Ice Cream.
Chocolate Bonbon: Illanka Chocolate Ganache, Yuzu Jam and Pecan Praliné.



Erin Kanagy-Loux, Press Prize

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Erin Kanagy-Loux.

Erin Kanagy-Loux's winning pieces.

Plated Dessert: Illanka Kefir Ganache, Pickled Beet, Kefir Mousse, Bee Pollen, Buckwheat Streusel.
Chocolate Bonbon: Olive Fuillatine, Cured Black Olive Honey Vinegar, Illanka Ganache.



Curtis Cameron

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Curtis Cameron.

Curtis Cameron's winning pieces.

Plated Dessert: Nut Biscuit, Mandarin Gelée, Yogurt Crémeux, Illanka Custard & Powder.
Chocolate Bonbon: Maple-bourbon and Brioche French Toast.



Ron Mendoza

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Ron Mendoza.

Ron Mendoza's winning pieces.

Plated Dessert: Burnt Lime, Cucumber, Meringue and Quinoa.
Chocolate Bonbon: Illanka Ice Cream, Caramel and Speculoos.



Robert Nieto

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Robert Nieto.

Robert Nieto's winning pieces.

Plated Dessert: Passion Tuile, Rum-Van Ice Cream, Coconut Namelaka, Banana Mousse, Illanka Cake.
Chocolate Bonbon: Burnt Caramel and Coffee Ganache.
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