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Pastry Live 2014

Images from this year’s competition.


Congratulations to all the winners, organizers, judges, and participants at the fourth annual Pastry Live Weekend. The event was held from August 24-26, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about the event, including participating in Pastry Live 5, visit www.pastrylive.com.

National Showpiece Championship

Team Foltz.
Winning Showpiece-Team Foltz.
Audience Choice Winners Julian Perrigo-Jimenez Jordan Snider.
Sponsors’ Pick Winners Cher Harris and Joseph Settipani.
Joseph Settipani.
Cher Harris.
Team Rull.
Best Artistry and Best Chocolate Showpiece Winners David Lewis Julie Eslinger.
Team Foltz.
Team Rull.


Chocolatier of the Year

2nd Place Chocolates from William Dean.
People Tasting.
Emcee Chef Robert Epskamp.
Winner Justin Fry of Normoan Love Confections.


Art of Cake

The Cake Crowd.
Art of Cake Judges.
1st Place Cathy Kincaid.
2nd Diane Fehder.
1st Place detail.
2nd Place detail.


Signature Plated Dessert

1st Place Angela Kim.
1st Place dessert.
2nd Place Deden Putra.
3rd Place Jov Hubbard.
2nd Place dessert.
3rd Place dessert.


Dessert Cup

1st Place Laurent Vals.
2nd Place Ryan Stripp.
3rd Place and Audience Choice Johnny Wesley.


Student Chocolate Challenge

1st Place Nayeli Gallegos.
2nd Place Rachel Dau.
3rd Place Markie Bain.



Audience for Michael Joy.
Michael Joy.
Amoretti Crew and Audience.
Rocco Lugrine.
Desserts by Rocco Lugrine.
Stephan Iten.
Jimmy MacMillan.
Karen Portaleo.


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