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Clean Cakes

Hen's Clean Cakes

British pastry chef and blogger Henrietta Inman, owner of Henrietta Inman Patissiere and Hen’s Clean Cakes, has released her first cookbook – Clean Cakes: Delicious patisserie made with whole, natural and nourishing ingredients and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar (Jacqui Small LLP, 2016; $29.99). A good resource for the modern baker, Clean Cakes focuses on recipes that use natural ingredients, from spectacular cakes, energy-boosting muffins and wholesome loaves to raw desserts and innovative tarts and pies. The book includes many vegan and egg-free recipes as well.

Double Wall Ware

Eparé Double Wall Ware

Eparé has launched a 12-ounce, double-walled glass mug for food service use. Its unique design creates the optical illusion that the liquid is floating, and the glass does not form condensation when filled with a cold beverage. The mug is fabricated from durable Borosilicate glass that is stronger than traditional “soda-lime” glass, and it is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. For inquiries, visit

Energy Stars

Baxter Energy Stars

Baxter is proud to announce that its OV500G1EE and OV500G2EE gas rack ovens are now ENERGY STAR® qualified. While Baxter’s products have touted energy-saving capabilities for years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently introduced a gas rack oven category to its ENERGY STAR program. Since then, Baxter’s two models are the only rack ovens in the industry to receive certification. Both the OV500G1EE and OV500G2EE gas rack ovens are ideal for baking, roasting and reheating a variety of food. With a unique airflow system, heat is controlled so that it is dispersed evenly from top to bottom of the oven. This results in thorough, even cooking of everything from breads and pastries to meats and casseroles. Steve Woodward, Engineering Manager at Baxter, says, “Baxter is committed to researching, engineering and developing equipment that meets our customers’ needs. Obtaining an ENERGY STAR certification for our rack ovens demonstrates that we are helping operators use less energy, cut costs and decrease emissions—all while producing top-quality food their patrons will love.”

East Coast Show

Atlantic Bakery Expo

The New Jersey Bakers Board of Trade and the New York State Association of Manufacturing Retail Bakers is proud to present their 2016 Atlantic Bakery Expo on April 3-4 at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ. The show will feature classroom presentations, hands-on sessions and on-the-floor demonstrations covering all aspects of the baking industry. For information about attending the 2016 Atlantic Bakery Expo, visit

Dolcedì Debut

Dolcedì Low Glycemic Sweetener

Many sweeteners on the market are chemically processed or nutritionally void, while others have a bitter aftertaste or spike our blood sugar. The Rigoni family from the Altopiano di Asiago in Northern Italy (90 miles north of Venice) has launched a new, all-natural liquid sweetener called Dolcedì (pronounced dohl-che-DEE) that’s made from 100% organic apples and is a low-glycemic alternative to sugar and other sweeteners. With 25% fewer calories than table sugar, Rigoni di Asiago Dolcedì is made from the concentrated and filtered sugar extracted from organic apples. It is certified USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and STAR-KOSHER. Dolcedì can be used any way you would use traditional table sugar or honey and in the same proportions; one teaspoon of sugar equals one teaspoon of Dolcedì. Its neutral flavor enhances the taste of food and drinks without altering them. Dolcedì is also perfectly soluble in both cold and hot drinks and can be enjoyed with pancakes, on yogurt, in fruit salad, and in baking. “Though our business is driven by tradition and our family’s heritage, we are also inspired by innovation and current healthy food trends,” says Rigoni di Asiago C.E.O. and President Andrea Rigoni. “Dolcedì is a wonderful marriage of old and new. We source our apples with the same organic farming practices that we have practiced for years but are processing the bounty in a new and exciting way to bring the world a great-tasting, better-for-you sweetener.” Rigoni di Asiago Dolcedì is available in stores nationwide in a 350 g (12.34 ounce) squeezable bottle with a dripless cap. For more information, visit

Modern Eclairs

Jenny McCoy Modern Eclairs

Jenny McCoy, pastry and baking arts instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, puts her creative stamp on the classic éclair in a new book, Modern Eclairs: And Other Sweet and Savory Puffs (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016; $20). Here she shares her best recipes for eclairs, cream puffs, gougeres and other choux-based pastries. Highlights include mini Mardi Gras King Cakes, Blueberry Cheesecake Gateaux Saint-Honore, Pumpkin Pie Profiteroles, and Banana Split Eclairs. The book includes beautiful photos and step shots, as well as McCoy’s top tips for foolproof pâte à choux and wrapping and storing the finished pastries. Available at and

Sweet Mornings

Patty Pinner Sweet Mornings

Cookbook author Patty Pinner has been collecting breakfast recipes for as long as she can remember, and she’s included her favorites in a new book, Sweet Mornings: Breakfast and Brunch Desserts That Make Meals Special (Agate Midway, 2016; $27.50). From doughnuts to crumb cakes to corned beef hash, these are the kinds of treats that evoke feelings of warmth and comfort like only good, old-fashioned breakfast food can. Pinner’s authentic, generations-old recipes hark back to the wholesome basics, helping new bakers build their repertoire and reminding older bakers of the heritage dishes they’ve made with loved ones. Sweet Mornings is a reliable, well-tested addition to any baker’s kitchen. Available from and

Kit Ali Di Fata

Kit Ali Di Fata
Kit Ali Di Fata
Kit Ali Di Fata

Kit Ali Di Fata from Silikomart fashions dessert logs with flower-shaped centers and a multiple, rounded-strip exterior. This mat-and-mold kit helped the Italian team win the 2015 Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, and allows you to create your own award-winning desserts with unlimited flavor and color combinations. The Kit Ali Di Fata is now available from Kerekes. To purchase the kit and other great professional products, go to

Kit Ali Di Fata
Kit Ali Di Fata

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