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Say Aloha to Maui Brand Natural Cane

Maui Brand Natural Cane

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company (HC&S) and Sugar Foods Corporation are pleased to announce the recent licensing agreement to launch 100% natural and vegan Maui Brand® turbinado and evaporated cane sugars. These sugars are 100% grown, harvested and produced in Maui. Maui is a premier growing region for cane sugar and has been for more than 140 years. The tropical climate, volcanic soil and fresh island irrigation water provide ideal conditions for cultivating high-quality sugar cane. The quality control from start to finish in one location allows for consistency and superiority in the production of sugar. Handcrafted Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugars are made in small batches to deliver a quality product. To create the distinct luster and depth of flavor in the turbinado sugar, the juice is put through a series of kettles and batch cooked for 36 to 48 hours. This intricate process allows the natural molasses to be slow boiled into the crystals, leaving them with their naturally rich amber color. Turbinado sugar is made from pure cane sugar extract, using a natural evaporating process with no chemicals involved. It is also 100% vegan unlike other refined sugars that use bone char to remove color. Consumers will see the difference in how it adds a rich taste and enhanced flavor to their hot beverages, favorite cereals and baked goods. To learn more about Maui Brand products, please visit

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