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American Desserts with a Japanese Accent

Kyotofu Cookbook

Kyotofu: Uniquely Delicious Japanese Desserts (Running Press, 2015; $25) by Nicole Bermensolo with Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn introduces readers to the unique mix of healthy Japanese ingredients and American desserts that were pioneered by baker Nicole Bermensolo at her award-winning New York bakery, Kyotofu. From the tang of yuzu to the bite of matcha, Japanese ingredients present a wide range of delicious flavors. Bermensolo takes classic American desserts such as cheesecake, brownies and muffins, and combines them with these ingredients to create one-of-a-kind desserts. Recipes include Green Tea White Chocolate Cupcakes, Black Sesame Caramel Mousse, Kinako Waffles and Nashi Pear Crumble. Kyotofu is divided by Japanese ingredient, includes a glossary of foreign terms, and suggests where to buy less familiar products. Available at and

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