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Derby Desserts

Pennsylvania College of Technology Derby Desserts
Photo by Philip Andrews.

Pennsylvania College of Technology and Levy Restaurants combined for their 10th Kentucky Derby this year. Hospitality students from Penn College have become essential to the successful execution of Churchill Downs premium food service suites and special events. Executive Chef David Danielson travels to Penn College each year to interview and select students for the week-long experience, which hosts over 400,000 guests on property, at the historic Downs. Preparations have traditionally focused on savory menu items, with specialty pastry and dessert products being purchased from outside vendors. Over the years, the internship has expanded to include Baking and Pastry Arts students from Penn College, under the direction of Charles Niedermyer, Baking and Pastry Arts faculty and Department Head. Each year, Chef Dave and Charles continue to push the envelope with dessert production, unseen at mega sporting events of this caliber. Some of this year’s dessert creations included Guittard chocolate ganache filled crepes with bourbon caramel sauce, pictured here. For information about Pennsylvania College of Technology internship programs, visit www.pct.edu.

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