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Dandelion Japan

Dandelion Chocolate Japan

More than 200 people waited for hours in the blustery cold winds in the Kuramae neighborhood of Tokyo to buy chocolate treats at the opening of San Francisco, CA-based Dandelion Chocolate’s new store in Japan. In true Japanese style, the Dandelion team welcomed their patient patrons by supplying hot tea and hand warmers to them. “This is our first expansion outside of San Francisco, and we couldn’t think of a better place to call our next home. Just like our flagship store in California, our Japanese location will soon be making its single origin chocolate in-house. In the meantime, we are sending bars from San Francisco until their production is fully up and running,” explains Dandelion founder and CEO Todd Masonis. “Japan has a culture of craftsmanship that we appreciate, and it’s the perfect fit for our brand. We were very fortunate to partner with our friend, Seiji Horibuchi,” adds Masonis. Horibuchi is the CEO of Dandelion Chocolate Japan, and is known for being a cultural evangelist between Japan and the United States. “I fell in love immediately when I entered Dandelion’s San Fransisco store, and intended to bring the same concept and spirit of Dandelion Chocolate to Tokyo, and I think we have succeeded,” says Horibuchi.

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