Oct 20, 2017 Last Updated 6:49 AM, Oct 20, 2017

Gotham Chocolates

Gotham Chocolates

After four years as Executive Pastry Chef at NYC’s storied Gotham Bar and Grill, Ron Paprocki (one of DP’s Top Ten Pastry Chefs in 2011) has launched a line of chocolate appropriately named Gotham Chocolates. His chocolate studio is a 28-square-foot corner in the Gotham Bar and Grill kitchen where he painstakingly crafts his bonbons and new line of chocolate bars (including the Independent bar, made from a proprietary blend of foraged Bolivian and Ecuadorian cacaos). Gotham Chocolates are available for sale at the restaurant and on-line. www.gothambarandgrill.com

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