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Cocoa with a Conscience

Cacao Trace

Puratos recently announced an innovation in the world of sweet goods: premium compound coatings made with 100% sustainable cocoa powder. In 2012, Puratos started to exclusively use sustainable palm oil, certified by RSPO, in its compound products (branded Carat). Now Puratos is setting a new standard in the industry by introducing a great tasting, sustainable cocoa powder from its Cacao-Trace™ program. Cacao-Trace is unique because of its approach towards the farming communities. They invest in two cocoa collection and training centers close to farmers, in Vietnam and Ivory Coast. Farming communities generally don’t have access to such full time services and support focused on their needs. Cacao-Trace’s aim is to increase the profitability of farmers by enhancing their professionalization. First, they provide training on how to improve the quality and the productivity of the farms, resulting in higher volumes. Second, they pay a premium to incentivize the farmers to provide the best quality beans, resulting in more income. All of this contributes to sustainable livelihoods for the farmers and their families. It’s the combination of all of these elements that makes Cacao-Trace meaningful and different. For more info, visit

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