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Rich’s On Top

With over 50 percent of consumers requesting to have both hot and cold beverages finished-off with a whipped topping, operators are charged with the task to provide consistent quality, taste and performance for signature beverages, desserts and more. To help them ensure a return on investment, Rich’s® On Top® offers easy portion control to deliver maximum profitability with every indulgent dollop, while also catering to the rising consumer trend. “With increased consumer demand, Rich’s helps operators respond and capture a share of the beverage market with Rich’s On Top,” said Chris Tirone, Director of Marketing, Toppings, Icings and Desserts. “Not only are they able to charge more for including a whipped topping, but Rich’s On Top packaging ensures virtually a 100 percent yield to maximize profits and minimize waste.” Packaged in a recyclable 16-oz pastry bag with a decorator tip and an easy-open seal that does not require touching the dispensing tip, Rich’s On Top greatly reduces the risk of food contamination. The whipped topping – available in Original, Chocolate, Sugar-Free and Made With Cream varieties – retains its shape at room temperature, even with the addition of toppings like chocolate chips, sauces or sprinkles, making it the perfect fit for hot and cold applications.

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