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Dessert Professional’s Top Ten Frozen Dessert Retailers in America 2016

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Dessert Professional magazine proudly presents the Top 10 Frozen Dessert Retailers in America for 2016.

Dessert Professional magazine is proud to honor the Top Ten Frozen Dessert Retailers of America 2016. This award is presented to businesses that offer exceptional frozen desserts served in a unique, memorable environment, including walk-in shops, stands, and even trucks. The enjoyment of a frozen dessert, whether it’s ice cream, gelato, frozen pops or shaved ice, is a special experience that involves more than just the product. Frozen desserts are best eaten when they are served, so the shop (or truck) ambiance and service are almost as important as the product itself. We have taken this into account in choosing our list of ten. Congratulations to this year’s Top Ten Frozen Dessert Retailers.

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List of the Top Ten Frozen Dessert Retailers 2016


10Below Ice Cream

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10Below Ice CreamOwners: Richard Tam, David Chen, Wilson Tam

10 Mott Street, #BSMT, NY, NY 10013
347-879-5161 •
Twitter: @10belowicecream

Business profile: 10Below Ice Cream is a unique Thai-inspired ice cream roll shop. We pride ourselves on providing fresh, made-to-order ice cream that is equally tasty as it is entertaining.

How it all began: It all started in my grandmother’s apartment as we were casually trying to make ice cream in our own ice cream maker. When we stumbled upon a Youtube video about Thai ice cream rolls, we realized this would be a great idea to bring stateside.

What you’re trying to do differently: We are trying to change the way people think about ice cream and desserts. We want to provide a delicious made-to-order product that is also entertaining to watch. Being able to see the entire process come to life in front of you and end up with such a beautiful product is really reinventing the way we think about ice cream.

Number of flavors: We have eight flavors on our menu and we are constantly looking to innovate and create new flavors. We’ve had a rotation of about 15 different flavors since we’ve opened.

Most popular flavors: Our most popular flavors are “Matcha made in Heaven,” which is a green tea strawberry ice cream. And our traditional “S’mores Galore,” which is a combination of graham crackers and chocolate topped with a freshly toasted marshmallow.

Favorite ingredients: We love to use fresh fruit and fresh ingredients in our ice cream. It allows the ice cream to have a lighter, more refreshing taste.

Favorite flavor to eat: My favorite flavor would have to be “Monkey Business.” It is one of the first flavors we came up with, and it is a banana-flavored ice cream with Nutella swirled into it. You can never find a truly good banana ice cream, especially not with delicious Nutella in every bite.

Favorite flavor to serve: My favorite to serve has to be “S’mores Galore.” The process of making it from start to finish is a lot of fun, from the color transformation of the chocolate from white to chocolate brown to the freedom to draw a neat picture with the chocolate drizzle at the end. Topping it off, we blowtorch a marshmallow and top it on the ice cream. Seeing the amazement on people’s faces is the best part of the job.

How often do you change flavors? We don’t have a set period of time which we change flavors. We try to come up with new and more creative flavors throughout the year and we often will go to local markets to see what fruits are in season and what kind of out-of-the-box flavors we can make out of it.

Strangest flavor combo: We’ve been experimenting with spicy ice cream for quite a while now, and it has had some pretty mixed reviews. We made a Sriracha and pretzel flavored ice cream that we tested with our employees, and the final polling wasn’t in our favor. We ended up not putting it on the menu, but I still think it’s delicious.

How much product do you eat per week? I tend to eat the product more often than my diet would like.  I try not to eat an entire cup every time, but I often eat ice cream as we test it and every so often when I’m just craving some ice cream. I’d say at least four times a week.

Signature product: Our signature product is definitely the rolled ice cream, and something we’ve made our own is meticulously topping orders with Teddy Grahams and having a fresh toasted marshmallows as a topping. It has really put the wow factor in our product.

Machinery: We like to keep our space very simple and clean. Every ice cream making machine is visible and each customer gets to watch as their ice cream is being made.

Best compliment ever: The best compliments are always from the people with doubtful faces waiting with one of their friends, and they taste the ice cream and cannot help but smile. It’s always the “Wow, that is ACTUALLY really good!” that gives me the most joy.

Best part of the business: I think the best part of the business is being able to put a smile on people’s faces. No one can really turn down ice cream, and it really does bring everyone together.

If you weren’t making frozen desserts, what would you be doing? If I wasn’t making ice cream I’d probably be back to accounting, which is what I majored in. It’s a far way away from what I do now.

Motto: Our motto at 10Below is to provide the absolute best product with the best possible customer service.  We want to engage the customer and that’s what will keep them coming back.

What’s next: We plan on opening more locations in the NYC area and outside of the city. We think people would really enjoy 10Below anywhere we go, and we hope to be able to share that with more people.


Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

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Black Tap Craft Burgers & BeerChef/Owner: Joe Isidori

Black Tap SoHo, 529 Broome Street, New York, NY; 917-639-3089
Black Tap Meatpacking, 248 West 14th Street, New York, NY; 212-675-7236 •
Twitter: @blacktapnyc

Business profile: With décor that harkens back to old school hip hop and rock and roll, Black Tap is an homage to the great American burger and luncheonette experience. The menu features burgers made of beef, bison, lamb, turkey, chorizo, and falafel, along with burger salad options complement wings and sides like Teriyaki Broccoli, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, and Mexican Avocado. Black Tap’s signature “Crazy Shakes” have reached worldwide acclaim with whimsical flavors: Cotton Candy Shake, Sour Power, Sweet ‘n Salty, and The Cookie Shake.

Inspiration: My wife was the inspiration behind the milkshakes!  One day she wanted a cotton candy shake, so I made her one with all the bells and whistles and the ideas started flowing from there on other shakes that we wanted to add to the menu.

What you’re trying to do differently:  We try to stay true to the Black Tap brand of being high quality yet fun and approachable. With our signature milkshakes it is important that we continue to innovate and collaborate with other brands.

Number of flavors: Four Milkshake Flavors – Cotton Candy, Sour Power, Sweet ‘n Salty, The Cookie Milkshake

Most popular flavors: Cotton Candy and Sweet ‘n Salty. People love the vibrant colors of the Cotton Candy while the flavor of the Sweet ‘n Salty is by far everyone’s favorite. Who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate?!

Favorite flavor to serve: The Cotton Candy shake, by far. It’s the most aesthetically pleasing and is really delicious with a creamy strawberry base!

How often do you change flavors? We always keep the four classic shakes, but we like to partner with other businesses and challenge ourselves to be even more creative. We also offer limited edition shakes for holidays, which are usually tied to the foods that you typically eat on that holiday. For example, we did a Red Velvet Milkshake for Valentine’s Day that had chocolate kisses and red M&M’s on it.

Weirdest flavor you’ve served: We recently created a Churro Milkshake in collaborating with Otto’s Tacos, which was one of the more exotic flavor combinations we’ve used and it was a huge hit.

Photo by Black Tap.

Signature products: Black Tap is known for its signature crazy over the top milkshakes and craft burgers like the award winning Greg Norman Burger.

Best compliment ever: The best compliment for me is when I hear or see a kid’s smiling face when they try one of our milkshakes. The joy it brings them from something we create here at the restaurant is the biggest compliment I could have ever dreamed of.

Best part of the business: It’s so rewarding to see the look on a customer’s face when they are served one of our milkshakes – they are always so thrilled! Especially when you see kids faces light up from something you created.

Mission: At Black Tap, we like to go big with our ideas and take them outside the box like we did with our Kardashian milkshake for Elite Daily.

What’s next: Black Tap’s third venture, Black Tap Down, is slated to open this summer, 2016.


Brooklyn Bell Foods & Co. LLC

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Brooklyn Bell Foods & Co. LLCOwners: Ron Cunningham & Kati Duncan-Cunningham

843 Classon Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238
718-399-2613 •
Twitter: @bkbellfoods

Questions answered by Ron Cunningham

Business profile: We are a real Ma and Pa business, crafting small-batch ice cream without exotic stabilizers and using familiar ingredients that customers would have in their kitchens. We started and continue our wholesale operations and handle all production and local distribution. We also have our scoop shop, Brooklyn Bell’s the Local. Our dairy is locally sourced from Hudson Valley Fresh.

Inspiration: Many years ago I started making ice cream in my studio apartment using a KitchenAid ice cream bowl attachment to my stand mixer for myself and for the occasional dinner parties I would host. Shortly after we were married, Kati and I decided to start a food business. Ice cream seemed like the natural choice.

What you’re trying to do differently: We start with classic American favorites and update them for today’s tastes. We favor a custard style base using our own recipe with familiar ingredients – whole milk, cream, Turbinado sugar, and egg yolk. We leave the gums and carrageenan for others. We also like to make flavors that people would enjoy from a pint. Ice cream that could be added to cake or pie. We believe that ice cream is the ultimate real comfort dessert.

Number of flavors: On the wholesale side we have eight flavors. We change out two flavors during the year. In our store we have up to 50 different flavors and the list continues to grow. Our dipping cabinet holds eight tubs, so we have a handful of standards and change others every couple of days.

Most popular flavors: Our Black Lava Caramel, a burnt caramel with Hawaiian lava salt, leads the pack followed by our Maple Butter Pecan. Our Mixed Chocolate and Detroit City Rocks! are very close. Another flavor, No Grapes No Nuts which features the classic cereal Grape Nuts is very popular as well.

Favorite flavor to eat: It’s hard to pick a favorite. Oftentimes customers will ask ‘What’s your favorite?’ and honestly I don’t have one. However, during this time of year our Roasted Strawberry does make me happy. I do find myself “checking” the tub to make sure it still tastes good. You know, for quality control.

Favorite flavor to serve: Our Black Lava Caramel. It’s very strong and after a taste I can see the customer’s eyes light up.

How often do you change flavors? Our flavors do change daily. We like to keep our Black Lava Caramel, Mixed Chocolate and White Vanilla always in stock. This gives us five other flavors to switch out.

Weirdest flavor you’ve made: Of course we had to do a bacon ice cream. It was a perfect addition to our Maple Butter Pecan. So it was Maple Bacon Butter Pecan. We did serve it to customers and that tub was done in two hours. Maybe not so wild, but we do make a Honey It’s Thyme ice cream that has pushed our edge. It’s clean with a nice hint of thyme at the end.

How much product do you eat per week? I really do love ice cream, but after making gallons of it almost every day, I’d say I eat about a pint at most a week. Most of it really is quality control. Although sometimes I get a yearning for our Maple Butter Pecan or our Mixed Chocolate because, as you know, chocolate is love.

Signature products: Our signature product is our Black Lava Caramel and Maple Butter Pecan.

Display case: Our dipping cabinet is a True Manufacturing TDC-47. We also have a display freezer, a Beverage Air MMF12-1-B for our pints and popsicles. We like to support American made products, so all of our freezers and refrigerator are made is the U.S.

Best compliment ever: It is the simplest – “This is the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted.” We have our custom recipe mix pasteurized in upstate New York, just two hours from our production facility. When we picked up our first batch we met the owner of the dairy plant. His first comment was, where did we come up with our recipe? I answered that I developed it in our kitchen at home and did the math to convert it for commercial production. He stated that it was the cleanest mix that he’s ever seen come out the pasteurizer tank. Of course I didn’t know what to expect until we made ice cream with it. After I did a batch, I accepted his statement as a compliment.

Best part of the business: It sound kind of corny, but it really is the smiles from the customers. It also makes me smile when customers stand in front of our dipping cabinet and have the hardest time deciding on just our eight flavors. We also get the opportunity to be the very first ice cream tasted by babies. It’s nice to interface with customers and get their feedback. They let us know what they like and I make it. Often times within two days. I’ll call them up and let them know that their favorite flavor is in stock.

If you weren’t making frozen desserts, what would you be doing? I would probably be writing software applications. It’s what I was doing before I jumped into the food business.

Motto: “Not too sweet.” It’s a guiding principle when we work out recipes for both our frozen desserts and baked goods. Of course, when you are using caramel you can’t get away with using less sugar, but for most of our flavors, customers notice that it’s not too sweet, like other brands are.

What’s next: We are in the process of expanding both our production operation as well as distribution. The demand for our ice cream exceeds our ability to produce and get it into the hands of our wholesale customers.


Cauldron Ice Cream

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Cauldron Ice CreamOwners: Terence Lioe & Desiree Le

1421 W. MacArthur Blvd, Suite F, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Business profile: At Cauldron Ice Cream, we specialize in creating all-natural, fresh, made-to-order ice cream using liquid nitrogen. We opened up shop in May 2015, and we gained worldwide attention after releasing our Puffle cone in August, 2015. Our goal was to bring unique flavors that we have tried from around the world back to our community. We also wanted to provide a cool spot for people to get together and bond over a scoop or two.

Inspiration: We first saw liquid nitrogen being made in Singapore and wanted to bring the same concept to Orange County, CA. We experimented making ice cream in a garage for about six months and decided to open up shop in the South Coast Metro area in May, 2015.

What you’re trying to do differently: We are always working on creating new and unique flavors and desserts to serve at our shop. We are new to the restaurant scene, so we are always striving to be better, more efficient, and to remain relevant through new and exciting concepts.

Number of flavors: 12-14, depending on the season.

Most popular flavors: Earl Grey Lavender, Sea Salted Caramel Crunch, The Cauldron (cinnamon vanilla ice cream with Oreos and mint fudge cookies)

Favorite ingredients: vanilla beans, teas, and cookies!

Favorite flavor to eat: S’mores

Favorite flavor to serve: Earl Grey Lavender

How often do you change flavors? We switch out one to two old flavors for new ones approximately once a month. Our best sellers remain on the menu year-round.

Weirdest flavor you’ve created: We made a foie gras ice cream once and there were surprisingly a lot of people willing to try it. We paired it with fruit preserves and a cracker on top. There was one customer that ate four scoops of it!

How much product do you eat per week? At first, we ate our ice cream at least once a day. We’ve scaled it back to tasting batches for quality assurance and treating ourselves to a scoop once a week.

Signature product: The Puffle Cone is what we are most famously known for. It is a Hong Kong style street waffle shaped into an ice cream cone. It comes out warm and is served with a scoop of ice cream. We are also known for some of our more unique ice cream flavors such as Earl Grey Lavender, S’mores, and Rose H20.

Best compliment ever: We love when customers say they have never experienced anything like our ice cream before. That is what we are going for!

Best part of the business: Getting to express our creativity in ice cream form is pretty awesome.

If you weren’t making frozen desserts, what would you be doing? Traveling the world.

Business philosophy: Quality is of the utmost importance to us. From ingredients, to equipment, to design, to customer service, and everything in-between. Quality is something that people recognize and appreciate. It is what keeps customers coming back.

What’s next: We are in the process of expanding/franchising our business.



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EscoGelatoOwner: Suzanne Schaffner

122 South Kalmia St, Escondido, CA 92025
760-745-6500 •
Twitter: @escogelato

Questions answered by Suzanne Schaffner

Business profile: We are a small gelateria with creative flavors made in small batches featuring local produce.

Inspiration: I have always had a passion for food and hospitality. I lived and worked in Germany after college and fell in love with gelato and café culture. Opening the gelateria four years ago was a dream come true.

What you’re trying to do differently: We treat every batch of gelato with care and we are constantly evolving our recipes to keep it fresh.

Number of flavors: Too many to count!

Most popular flavors: Apricot Goat Cheese, Mayan Chocolate, Sour Cream Brown Sugar

Favorite ingredients: Fresh fruit and nuts

Favorite flavor to eat: Pistachio

Favorite flavor to serve: Pistachio

How often do you change flavors? Every day

Weirdest flavor you’ve created: Olive Oil and Rosemary. We served it at an exclusive dinner of 24 tables, end to end, in the middle of an olive grove.

How much product do you eat per week? I eat it every day!

Signature products: Gelato, Sorbet, Espresso, Panini, Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Display case: Oscartielle

Best compliment ever: I love it whenever someone says it’s “as good as in Italy.”

Best part of the business: The people and people’s excitement over good food.

If you weren’t making frozen desserts, what would you be doing? Eating frozen desserts.

Motto: Never serve anything that’s not amazing. Fresh is best!

What’s next: I look forward to doing some wholesale production, but I’d really like to stay small so I can continue to have a close connection with my employees, my customers, and the food we serve. 


iDessert® by Jean-Philippe

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iDessert® by Jean-PhilippeOwners: Jean-Philippe and Celine Maury

1608 India Street, Suite 104, San Diego, CA 92101
619-544-1033 •

Business profile: iDessert® is an innovative dessert concept where customers can pick their own flavors to build their dessert on an iPad.

Inspiration: The whole idea was to create a concept where gelato could be present but not in a traditional way. We wanted to bring a different way to eat your ice cream.

What you’re trying to do differently: Everything at iDessert® is different, from ordering, assembling and tasting. First, you pick your meringue flavor. Second, you select your gelato or sorbet with the cream filling. These two steps come to a basic price of $4.95. All the following items are add-ons: Third – fruits and cake; Fourth – crunch and sauce. To complete the whole iDessert® experience, you can select the “VEGAS bowl” which makes your dessert bowl smoke for three minutes.

Number of flavors: 16 meringues, five creams, eight gelato and sorbets, six fruits, six cakes, nine crunches, six sauces.

Most popular flavors: Oreo for the meringues, and Vanilla for the gelato, cream and cake, and caramel for the sauce.

Favorite ingredients: Chocolate couverture that we use for our chocolate gelato.

Favorite flavor to eat: I personally enjoy the Chocolate and Pistachio gelato.

How often do you change flavors? Not very often. Our concept it is not only about gelato, it is a dessert place where customers have hundreds possible combinations for their creations.

Signature products: We have six chef’s favorites which are pre-made combinations offering one with chocolate, one with fruit, one dairy-free, one exotic and one with caramel/nuts.

Display: We do not display our gelato and sorbets. We use a soft serve ice cream machine for our desserts. They guarantee the freshness of our products and also waste management.

Best compliment ever: The flavors are true and rich, the meringue crust adds a very pleasant texture to it.

Best part of the business: It’s a NEW concept, not a blend of three other existing ones; you may like it or not, but at least it’s new and innovative.

If you weren’t making frozen desserts, what would you be doing? I am a former pastry chef, I would do anything sweet, but in a new way.

Business philosophy: My philosophy is very simple: Quality always works, especially in a rough economy where customers have more choices.

What’s next: Opening our commissary kitchen and second shop location, then probably going for a franchise. 


La Newyorkina

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La NewyorkinaOwner: Fany Gerson

61 Commerce Street, Brooklyn, NY & 240 Sullivan Street, NY, NY (opening Summer 2016)
917-669-4591 •
Twitter: @lanewyorkina

Business profile: We make all-natural, delicious, handmade Mexican style frozen treats and sweets. To put it simply, our mission is to share the sweetness of Mexico.

Inspiration: Started out making and selling paletas (Mexican-style ice pops) at a weekend street fair.

What you’re trying to do differently: We do Mexican-inspired flavors.

Number of flavors: about 20-30 different paleta flavors and 15 or so ice cream flavors that we rotate.

Most popular flavors: Paletas – Mango Chile, Cucumber Lime and Coconut. Ice cream – Tres Leches, Oaxacan Chocolate Chunk and Horchata.

Favorite ingredients: Too many to count!

Favorite flavor to eat: Depends on my mood, but I always love anything tart and tangy, like tamarind, pink limeade or passion fruit paletas.

Favorite flavor to serve: Mole ice cream.We make our own mole, and it is a very interesting and delicious flavor that gives people a new experience. I also love the tres leches ice cream because it always makes peoples’ eyes bug out, and people love it.

How often do you change flavors? We have a base of about nine paleta and six ice cream flavors that we always have, but we rotate all the others, often depending on what is ripe and in season, and also what inspires me.

How much product do you eat per week? In the summer on hot days, I have eaten up to seven paletas in a day!! (And don’t feel guilty at all.)  On average, I guess two to three.

Signature products: Paletas, mango chamoyadas (spicy fruit ice with pickled plum juice with salted chile) and ice cream.

Display case: We are in the process of figuring that out because we are opening a new store. Currently, we have a simple freezer from Metalfrio.

Best compliment ever: That it transports them to Mexico and their childhood.

Best part of the business: You make people happy!

If you weren’t making frozen desserts, what would you be doing? I also have a doughnut shop called Dough, but if I wasn’t doing anything food related, I’d probably be doing graphic or industrial design.

Business philosophy: Create flavors that inspire you and make you happy – don’t try to do something just because you think it would sell well – and have fun doing so.

What’s next: Opening our brick and mortar shop later this year, launching a line of boxed paletitas (mini ice pops) online, and single-serve ice cream cups. 


The Scottish Highland Creamery

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The Scottish Highland CreameryOwners: Victor and Susan Barlow

314 Tilghman Street, Oxford MD 21654
410-924-6298 or 301-741-3229 •

Questions answered by Susan Barlow

Business profile: We manufacture one gallon at a time of hand crafted gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. We use the freshest ingredients possible and import many flavorings from Italy. We have wholesale and catering operations.

Inspiration: Victor’s first job when he was 15 years old was with one of the top Italian ice cream makers in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has been his only job for 34 years. He couldn’t dream of doing anything else.

What you’re trying to do differently: Being different and unique is great, but we strive to be consistent with the quality of our product and customer service. We do unique flavors to keep things interesting. We did an oyster festival one time and Vic made Oyster Ice Cream with cocktail sauce. Yeah...gross. But we sold a lot! I guess the folks were there for oysters and they weren’t afraid to dig in. Continuing to be creative with flavors is part of the passion Victor has for his craft. Also, it’s a regular occurrence for people to place orders for personalized flavors. We have one gentleman who likes us to make Mint Chocolate Chip with maraschino cherries in it. Another lady likes her coffee ice cream to put hair on her chest so we make it extra strong for her.  Because we make ice cream one gallon at a time, we can craft it to your exact taste.  Victor is “their” ice cream maker.  He can usually have the private orders ready for the next day.

Number of flavors: To date, he has made over 700 different concoctions. Yeah, we counted the Oyster ice cream in that figure.

Most popular flavors: Coffee anything!!  Victor makes over 20 different coffee creations. If we run out of Coffee, I fear for my life. I’m afraid they are going to come after me with pitchforks. Italian Lemon Cookie is another one that has a cult following. But we are probably most known for our Crushed Strawberry.

Favorite ingredient: Fresh fruit

Cost for a scoop: The cost for a single portion, which is about 6-oz, is $3.75. You can get two flavors in a single and up to four in a large. We call it a split single. It was born because everyone kept saying, “We want to try other flavors but we just love the strawberry so much we can’t not get it!” So to encourage folks to try new flavors the split single was born. We think that’s cool.

How often do you change flavors? We change our flavors every day, all throughout the day. If you come when we open, by the time we close the flavors are all different. We have 15 flavors out at a time. With the exception of Double Belgian Chocolate, Mexican Vanilla Bean, Crushed Strawberry and Lemon Sorbet, all the other flavors change once the gallon is gone. Birthday Cake and Mint Chocolate Chip are two of the top flavors we sell, as well. If they aren’t on display, they are still available. Mint Chocolate Chip people are hard core!  Nothing else will do – Mint Chocolate Chip all the way.  We’re just glad everyone has a favorite. A lot of people come early in the day and scope out the “Flavors of the Moment” board and then come to the window to sample. We make sure to tell them not to get their heart set on a flavor because it might be gone if they are coming back in a few hours. We don’t want them to be disappointed.

Signature products: Crushed Strawberry, but if you ask any of our awesome customers, they will each probably have their own favorite.

Machinery: Carpigiani

Display case: ISA

Favorite tools: Spatula and a hand mixer – that’s all he needs!!

How do you market product off-season? Because we are seasonal and Mom and Pop doing just about everything ourselves, we work like circus ponies in the summer. Of course, we couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for our awesome Super Scoopers. Vic makes the ice cream every day starting at about 1 am. Then, he might have catering into the late evening. So, we generally like to take it easy in the winter. We still keep our wholesale accounts stocked up with pints and quarts and our featured restaurants supplied for their menu. We do some holiday parties and other catering events including festivals.

Number of staff: 14 super scoopers

Average number of customers per day: I have no idea. Hundreds. We are just so humbled that folks keep coming back day after day and year after year. It’s exciting to see new faces as well. This is our 11th summer in this location and we have catered many of our customers high school graduations then have been invited back for their college graduation and then their wedding!  We have watched them grow up and shared in their life’s milestones. We’ve been the destination for a new driver’s first solo drive,  first dates, and wedding proposals ( I had to hide the ring in the bottom of the scoop of ice cream!). Our customers have come to us to mend their broken hearts when their child left for college or a family pet has crossed over the rainbow bridge. We honestly don’t feel like ‘customers’ describes the relationship we have with our clientele. It’s more like family.

What’s next: This may sound drab, but nothing is next. We have grown to a level that if we grow any more we would have to change the way we do things and we believe that you shouldn’t fix what’s not broken. We have grappled with the hard decisions – do we open a second store? Do we franchise? And we always come back to the same answer. It’s not about the money. It’s about the ice cream and the customers. We will continue to hand- craft everything we make and be available to our customers. We will continue to keep fresh and creative flavors coming.

Best part of the business: Ice cream, although hard work, is a happy environment. People smile and get excited.  (Unless you run out of Coffee ice cream). It’s a wholesome event, as well. We love seeing the families coming to spend quality time together sitting on the benches, talking and playing.

Advice to frozen dessert retailers: Make sure you have a reputable and experienced refrigeration/freezer repair company. And put them on speed dial. Send them holiday gifts, birthday gifts and generally keep them happy like a mistress.

Special features: We cater with a portable ice cream cart and we do festivals, as well.



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TroveOwners: Owners: Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi

500 E. Pike St., Seattle, WA
206-457-4622 •
Twitter: @troveseattle

Questions answered by Renee Bolstad, Pastry Chef

Business profile: Trove restaurant is four amazing concepts under one roof: Korean BBQ, Noodle, Bar and Parfait. Our Parfait is a walk-up ice cream truck serving layered soft-serve frozen custard parfaits, infused with the big bold flavors and textures inspired by Korean, Asian and classic desserts.

What you’re trying to do differently: We wanted to make soft serve that is rich and creamy and unlike anything that you’ve ever had. We make everything in-house daily from our base, all the way down to the amazing toppings and components.

Number of flavors: We have three rotating flavors with two parfaits built around each flavor.

Most popular flavors: Currently it’s our Holla Halo, a twist off a traditional Filipino dessert, with homemade coconut jello, ube frozen custard, passion fruit drizzle and a tropical fruit salad. And our Cookies & Dreams with oreos made in-house, sweet cream frozen custard, chocolate cookie crumble, our own magic shell and “pocky” cookie stick.

Favorite ingredients: I love using our own jello with our ice cream because it’s something that is unexpected but texturally works out.

Favorite flavor to eat: The Peppermint we had over winter was to die for! The Ube right now is hard to stay away from.

Favorite flavor to serve: Whatever makes our guests happy.  I love watching people eat my creations!

How often do you change flavors? We try and change seasonally.

How much product do you eat per week? I taste it every day, for quality purposes, of course.

Signature product: I think our ice cream base itself.  Because we make it in-house, no one else has it.

Best compliment ever: I love when guests say that it reminds them of their childhood.

Best feature: The mason jars we serve our parfaits in. They have a hashtag that has taken on a life of its own: #alwaystasty.

Motto: I think it applies to everything I do in life – “Just keep swimming.”  I am going to keep on going upwards and onwards.

What’s next: We are going to be launching a take-home pint and cup option with our own toppings swirled in. Look for them in June. 


Woodside Farm Creamery

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Woodside Farm CreameryOwners: Jim and Janet Mitchell

1310 Little Baltimore Rd, Hockessin, DE 19707
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Questions answered by Jim and Janet Mitchell   

Business profile: Woodside Farm has been in the Mitchell family since 1796, Jim being the seventh generation to live on the farm. The farm is now surrounded by suburbia, which creates challenges to operate a traditional dairy farm, but offers a great opportunity to market our products directly to the consumer. We made the decision back in 1998 to start the ice cream business as an alternative way to market our milk from our small herd of Jersey cows. What makes us unique is the fact that we are still operating a traditional dairy farm and using our milk to produce a gourmet ice cream. We invite the public right on to the farm to purchase our ice cream where they can relax under trees sitting at picnic tables enjoying the ice cream while spending time with family and friends. Our farm has become a destination.

Number of flavors: We have made hundreds different flavors over the years, but offer about 35-40 at any one time in our Creamery.

Most popular flavors: Vanilla is our highest seller which is true internationally; Peppermint Chocolate Chip (we make it with peppermint extract instead of crème de menthe and color it pink); Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough; Motor Oil (coffee ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl and a caramel swirl – the caramel is colored green to make it look like oil)

Favorite ingredients: Our high quality ice cream mix made with our fresh grass-fed Jersey cow milk – by itself, without any additional flavorings, it makes what we call Sweet Cream.

Favorite flavor to eat: Jim – Chocolate; Janet – when we first opened  it was Black Raspberry, but now I’m hooked on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Favorite flavor to serve: Motor Oil, because the customer asks what is it and it gives us the opportunity to engage them.

How often do you change flavors? We offer a set of about 30 standard flavors that we always have and then rotate in four to five different flavors which we call “Flip Flop Flavors”.  We also have several flavors that are seasonal:  Lemon in spring, Peach in summer, and Pumpkin in fall.

Weirdest flavor you’ve made: Ghost pepper ice cream. We make it for one of our whole sale accounts, The Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The owner also owns a hot sauce store. The ice cream is so hot that he has the customers sign a waiver just to taste it.

How much product do you eat per week? Jim – a cup or cone of chocolate every 1 to 2 weeks; Janet – I’ll have a scoop or two every day if I let myself.

Signature products: We are best known for our ice cream, but we also offer cage-free brown eggs from our own flock of chickens and cheese from another small family farm in Maryland. People also look for the field-grown chrysanthemums in the fall, which Jim’s father Joe has raised for over 35 years.

Display case: We have a display case for our quarts and pints which is by Marc Refrigeration Manufacturers.  Our ice cream dipping cabinets are non-display and are by Global Refrigeration Inc.

Best compliment ever: “This is the best ice cream I have ever tasted!”

Best part of the business: How well it has been received and supported by our community. Our farm has become a destination for friends and family to meet and spend some time together. A common sight are kids running around the picnic tables having fun while the parents enjoy visiting with each other.

If you weren’t making frozen desserts, what would you be doing? Jim – looking to work off the farm to help support the farm.  Janet – I am a small animal veterinarian and still practice part-time as an associate at Hockessin Animal Hospital, and would be working full-time which is what I did for the first 15 years we were open.

Mission: Our mission is to provide a variety of homemade, farm fresh quality products in a warm and friendly environment with a focus on families and friends of all ages. We sell our ice cream by weight and “We Custom Scoop to your Appetite,” which allows you to order as much (one kid gets 5 scoops of chocolate on a cake cone) or as little (a parent can order a tiny scoop for their 2-year-old) as you want.

What’s next: We are working on expanding our catering. Yes, ice cream catering! We have already done a number of weddings – one even with ice cream cones as requested by the bride!


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